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With an open mind...

DigitalJoshua is home base for the many technology-based projects created by Joshua Marius in over two decades. These documented projects can be a wealth of knowledge for many Techs, Engineers and DIYers in the Information Technology, programming, house improvement, electronics, and many other industries, such as Aviation and Flight Simulation.

Some of these projects include:

YouTube Channel – Over 15000 Subscribers and over 5,000,000 views as of November 2023.

IT Consulting – Thousands of projects completed for over 200 companies in several countries.

Technology Consulting – Helping people understand and use Technology efficiently, while saving them money and future-proofing their goals.

Flight Simulation – Tips, tricks, articles, videos and setups for enthusiasts as well as real life pilots.

Flight Training – Provided as part of the Florida Flight Center Flight Simulator Program

Charity – Technology as well as time donated to many organizations or individuals in need.

LeThe Online – An old styled blog with over 200 articles written directly out of results from a research lab. In the last 15 years, these articles have been displayed more than 10,000,000 times in over 150 countries.

Joshua Marius
LiteBeam Antenna
IP Cameras
Flight Simulator Cockpit
Flight Simulator PC
Phenom 300 Training
IP Phones
Blade Servers

Latest Milestones

Projects we are very proud of
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  • Aviation
  • Flight Simulation
  • IT Consulting
  • Technology Consulting

About Us

Honest. Degreed. Experienced.

Work History

A good education with decades of practical experience makes a powerful combination. Thousands of successfully completed projects have been the result of an intense and honest desire to see Businesses and Individuals succeed, and not struggle with Technology.

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Our Mission

We listen. We understand. We care. Let us worry about your Technological needs so that you can focus on what you do best. Our mission is to create goals and accomplish them, leaving your company, or you as an individual, more knowledgeable, with lower costs, and better equipped to deal with failures or newer technology.

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We give back, we enjoy sponsoring potential. Donations as well as volunteering our time is an essential part of our operation.

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