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Giving back. Giving hope. Sponsoring a better Future.

As a child I saw my parents participate in many charities. From the local Churches, Orphanages and Nursing homes, to major International Organizations, while still living in the Dominican Republic, I volunteered a lot of my time to helping those in need.

After school, I would visit the local orphanage and nursing homes. On weekends I volunteered for the MIR Foundation (Fundación MIR) as a Computer Tech, who spent time visiting the facilities and working with the Staff, as well as participating in the kids activities (Basketball, Baseball, Sunday Mass, etc.)

After moving to the United States, I donated money to several organizations and also participated in the Engineering Volunteer Program, sponsored by the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida. I volunteered for a program called STAGES, which is located at the USF College of Education, and provides training and support to young adults with disabilities. I also helped several schools and organizations by donating and fixing used electronics, building websites, setting up IT Services, teaching, and assisting staff.

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