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Annunciators and LED Indicators for Flight Simulators

Cockpit Annunciators and LED Indicators are a great addition to any Flight Simulator. Not only do they make the experience more realistic, but they can also be used as a training tool. Annunciators are used mostly for warnings, emergencies, but to also show the status of a certain system on the Aircraft. Custom LEDs, such as Pilot Lights can be used for different items such as when the AC is on, or the Pitot heat has been enabled, or when the simulator is paused.

The cool thing about Annunciators and Indicators is that you can have fun with them. You decide what you want to use them for. There are many types available for Flight Simulators, but the majority of Annunciators, Indicators and even Korry Pushbuttons come in 5v and 12v. This video shows you how to wire and interface with both.

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5V Relay
5V Relay 4 Pack
5V Relay 24 Pack
5V Relay 2 Channel
5V Relay 4 Channel
5 V Relay 4 Channel (2)
5V Relay 8 Channel
5V Relay 16 Channel
Anker 10 Port USB Hub with External Power
Arduino Mega 2560
Elegoo Arduino Mega 2560 (Blue)
KEYESTUDIO Arduino Mega 2560 (Black)
KEYESTUDIO Arduino Mega 2560 (Black/Yellow)
Screw Terminal Block for Mega 2560
DIN Rail Mount Mega 2560
12V 180 Symbols Indicator Lights
12V Symbol Indicator Lights
12V Indicator Pilot Dash Lights
12V Indicator Pilot Dash Lights (2)
12V Indicator Lights (2)
12V Diode Light
12V Indicator Dash Bulb
5V Multicolor RGB LEDs
5V Pre-Wired LEDs with Holder
5V Pre-wired LEDs
5V RGB Multicolor Slow Blinking LED
5V RGB Multicolor Fast Blinking LED
ELEGOO Mega R3 Project Starter Kit
5MM LED Metal Holder / Mount / Bezel
5MM Chrome LED Holder
5MM LED Plastic Holder / Mount
5MM LED Plastic Holder / Mount (2)
5MM LED Plastic Holder / Mount (3)
5MM LED Transparent Holder
20 AWG Solid Core Hookup Wire
20 AWG Hookup Wire (2)
22 AWG Hookup Wire
Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper
Wire Strippers
Master Caution Buttons (Ruscool)
Glareshield Pushbuttons Pack
5V Master / Caution Pushbuttons (Sismo)

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