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Airplane Models for your Gaming Rig

If you are into Flight Simulators, PC / Gaming Rig Assembly and also Aviation, you can combine all of these with some cool Airplane models that can live safely inside your computer. Below I provide some examples, and links to stores on Amazon that can help you obtain almost any Aircraft you have in mind. These look awesome inside your PC, either right at the top, or create a see-through display thanks to your acrylic side panel. If you would like to contribute to this list, please contact me.

Sample Builds

Airplane Models and Runways

There are tons of companies manufacturing these with an average price of $10 – $24.
Note: Please verify the sizes of these before purchasing:

Airplane Model Manufacturers

Please Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Notable Mentions

Runways and Runway Tape

Gaming Cases Manufacturers with Acrylic Side Panel


I have used Clear/Transparent Gorilla Glue to reliably glue the aircraft’s gear / wheels or runway tracks to the case. Just apply a small amount directly and follow the instructions. The wheels which are usually plastic will bond to the metal parts of the case or runway easily.
Clear Gorilla Glue