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Over 60 Security Cameras for Pet Hotel

Nothing makes us more proud to know that we have given Pet Owners the ability to watch their dogs remotely as they play at a Pet Boarding Facility. Between 2016 and 2019, we re-built and upgraded the entire IT infrastructure at Sparta Pet Palazzo in Plano, TX, also adding over 60 Cameras which allowed monitoring of over 25,000 Square feet outdoors, and over 10,000 square feet indoors. Some of these cameras doubled up as Doggy cams so pet owners could watch their dogs playing at the facility.

Network Rack revamp in progress

We started with new Switches, a Firewall, Indoor and Outdoor Access points and also new cabling. Owners would have the option of viewing their pets either in the outdoor or indoor play areas, or while they rested in their rooms / suites. The Suite cameras had zoom, panel and tilt features as well.

Cameras being mounted
Pet resting in Suite
TV Setup with NVR for staff
Waiting Room TV with PlayRooms

For the outside play areas, thousands of feet of CAT 6 cable were run as well as hundreds of feet of conduit for waterproofing. Being such a big outdoor area, these cameras allowed the owners to view their pets up close.

Large Dogs Outdoor Play Area

Project Completed: