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900 ft LiteBeam AC Connection

Fiber Optic network connections are very reliable and allow us to bypass the CAT 5e / CAT 6 limit of 100 meters or 300 feet. However, it’s very difficult to get them across roads, parts of the ocean, or rivers. Two businesses at Riverwalk Professional Park ran out of office space and moved 10 staff members to another building across the street; an estimated 900 feet away. The staff members regularly used an SQL Connection to a Database, Remote Desktop to access Server applications, and they all had VoIP phones.

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This is where a good high gain antenna comes in handy. With an average cost of less than $90, the LiteBeam AC is was a solid solution and met the bandwidth requirements. Reviews worship the connection, which has been successfully established from 10-20 KMs or 6-12 Miles, although some users have managed 40 KMs or 25 miles.

After running and terminating the CAT 6 Cables, both Antennas were powered on by their own PoE Adapters and connected to the network. After logging into the web interface and configuring the Wi-Fi connection, they both found each other and a solid Link was established. VLANs were also configured for Wi-Fi Guest networks, and as expected, the VLAN traffic transferred correctly to the managed switches.