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Send Multiple Actions/Inputs to your Flight Simulator

This video focuses on using Double Pole Single Throw (DPST) and Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) switches and pushbuttons to create multiple inputs/actions, and control multiple circuits, outputs and voltages, per switch.

Some examples include controlling 5V DC which can be used for USB and a 12V DC which can be used for LEDs, in two completely separate circuits, with just one switch. Aside from enabling power, these switches can simultaneously send inputs to the Simulator through an Interface Cards such as a Leo Bodnar or Arduino. In the Simulator, such as Flight Simulator 2020, X-Plane or prepar3d, you can then assign actions to these inputs, such as lowering the landing gear while turning on the landing light, or simultaneously arming the spoilers and autobrake in the 737.
Combining these switches with other switches such as SPST and SPDT, interface cards and power supplies, can add great functionality and flexibility to your Cockpit or Flight Simulator.

Items Needed
Please make sure to purchase high quality components and always confirm product specifications and even read reviews related to your project.

Leo Bodnar BBI-32 Card:…
Double Pole Single Throw Switches:
Double Pole Double Throw Switches:
Wires with Spade Quick Connectors:
12V Power Supply with Terminal Block:
Sample LEDs:

Optional: ELEGOO Arduino Mega 2560:
Optional: KEYESTUDIO Arduino Mega 2560:
Optional: Mega 2560 Terminal Block:
Optional: Ultimate Starter Kit with Mega 2560:

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