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People we Trust

Please note: The following come highly recommended from many years of personal experience. We do not promote products or refer businesses which we do not believe will treat our customers as well as we do.


NoIP is a very reliable host of Dynamic DNS, which helps you solve the problem of accessing a device or location with a Public IP that is constantly changing (Not Static). NoIP is pre-configured in many devices such as Routers/Firewalls, Security Cameras, Network Video Recorders, Cable Modems and many more devices. To get started with NoIP click here

BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost is one of the most reliable Web Hosting companies which offers affordable plans for Web Hosting as well as website creations. Their plans include many free features such as Email, WordPress, with great access to Technical Support as well as Server Management software such as cPanel. Click here to start building our website!

NeuroSpinal Associates

NeuroSpinal Associates has doctors with over 20 years of experience and are board certified surgeons, trained in the latest techniques and treatments of back, neck and brain conditions. I have referred several people to treat their conditions and all have come back with very positive results.

Florida Flight Center

Florida Flight Center’s flight instructors have decades of experience in a variety of Aircraft including JetsTurboprops and Piston aircraft.

Financial Colors Wealth Management

Joel Marius – GTE Investment Group has a mission of empowering people to believe in their dreams, turn their passion into income, and pursue their personal or business financial goals by providing a new perspective and approach to growing, maintaining, and preserving wealth.

World Promotions

For over 20 years World Promotions has offered the highest quality events in the ballroom dance business. The company was started and is run by former champions, who understand your dancing needs! Our annual schedule of events offers an exciting and interesting array – from one-day regional competitions to Major International Experiences, our schedule has something for everyone.

Aviatek Flight Simulators

Aviatek has a mission to deliver a unique flight simulation experience for pilots, trainee pilots and serious enthusiasts all over the world. I have worked with them in multiple projects including a Citation Mustang Trainer and individual aviation product panels.

JGM Immigration

JGM Immigration offers many services for Immigrants in both English and Spanish, such as procedures for Visas (H-1B, E-2, F-1, etc), Green CardsCitizenship Applications, and many more.

Health Compliance Partners

Health Compliance Partners, as part of the HIPPA PRO/CHC team, delivers HIPAA Privacy and Security  solutions and services to practices, hospitals and healthcare specialty firms.

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