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Simple SEO for your Business

In recent years, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, has been one of the most used words in Marketing. It’s very important, and it’s actually simpler than perceived because it is already done for you by companies such as Google and Microsoft. As an example, Google has platforms such as Analytics and AdSense which guide you on how to implement source code on your website, how to enhance your keywords, and create reports of all types of collected statistics.

Statistics on one of the Websites I manage

I take the time to teach SEO to Business owners who want to learn, because unfortunately, many have been overcharged for these simple services. Once you learn the basics of SEO, you become more aware of how you conduct and document Business, as many things can be useful for marketing. This in turn, changes the way you think about your website, promotional videos, and other marketing material.

Sample sources sending traffic to one of my websites

SEO is not just about keywords and analytics however; it’s a strategy that gets implemented by using many tools to analyze website traffic behavior, and then making the right moves. Here is a real life example:

  1. Google Analytics gets added to a brand new website to collect visitor’s statistics and trends
  2. The trends show that a product in particular is viewed more than others, and more in the United States than any other country
  3. The product’s page is modified to include more information, clearer images, videos of it in use, and is now produced with more accessories and different colors
  4. Sales of this particular product increase
  5. More statistics are collected such as which US State and color of product are the most popular

In conclusion, SEO is a powerful tool that when used properly, can change completely how you conduct Business and can noticeably increase your revenue. It affects all aspects, such as keywords, website appearance, structuring of sentences and paragraphs, titles, captions, links, social media, multimedia, language, all the way down to how you may decide to name your products and services.