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Miss Florida 2022 – Judges Committee

In 2021 I participated as a Judge for the Miss Florida Competition, in which Michaela McLean crowned Leah Roddenberry as the new Miss Florida, and Ruby Tilghman became Miss Florida’s Outstanding Teen. In 2022, I participated as a member of the Judges Committee.

With Covid under better control, Miss Florida 2022 was an awesome competition, which took place at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland Florida. We had amazing candidates in both the Miss and Miss Outstanding Teens competitions, as they supported their organizations and also performed their talent, which ranged from aerial, dance and vocal performances, to spoken words and playing instruments.

Miss Florida competition banners in Lakeland, FL
Program book with Miss America 2022, Emma Broyles, on the cover page

An incredible team was also put together by the Directors which included hosts, Judges, choreographers, a Judges Committee and many more. Both the Outstanding Teen and the Miss Florida judges had an amazing and diverse curriculum. I was lucky enough to work with and get to know all of these amazing people and learn about their organizations, accomplishments, goals, and personalities.

Miss Florida Outstanding Teen Judges

  1. Sherry Scott
  2. M. William Dickert
  3. Melissa Trippy
  4. Heather King-Spinks
  5. Preston Scott
  6. Katy Kopstad
Miss Florida Outstanding Teen 2022 Judges

Miss Florida Judges

  1. Scott Deckert
  2. Shauna Pender Vetrano
  3. J. Kinard Robinson
  4. Leigh Sherer Seirafi
  5. James Velez
  6. Lynne Ulaky
Miss Florida 2022 Judges
Outstanding Teen Judges, Miss Florida Judges and Judges Committee – Lunch before the main Event
Miss Florida Outstanding Teen Judges with Rita Lowman
Judges and Judges Committee Table
Miss Florida Outstanding Teen 2022 Contestants
Miss Florida 2022 Contestants

The show was hosted by Laura Rutledge, Allison Walsh and David Lang.

Aashna Shah (Wekiva Springs Outstanding Teen) was crowned Miss Florida Outstanding Teen 2022
Lindsay Bettis (Miss Seminole County) was crowned Miss Florida 2022

News and Media about Miss Florida 2022: