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Round and Small Gauge LCDs for Cockpit Building

When working on your Flight Simulator, if building something similar to a real airplane, you will notice that not all of the instruments are side by side or even close by. If using one large monitor to load your instrument or gauge cluster this is perfect, but sometimes we have to split the instruments between real gauges, or smaller LCDs. These LCDs are excellent for DIY or Home Cockpit builds.

They are plug and play, use an HDMI or Mini-HDMI connection, and also use Micro or Mini USB for power. They load up right away in the Operating System and can immediately be used as an additional screen for gauges. Air Manager which is an application used to create Instrument Panels, is a perfect companion for these small screens.

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Note: Please read all descriptions and review product details before purchasing.

Bar, Wide and Rectangular LCDs :

3.2” LCD:
3.5” LCD: (Seen in the Video)
4” LCD:
4” LCD:
5” LCD:
7” LCD: (Seen in the Video)
7” LCD:
7” LCD:
7.9” Wide:
7.9” Wide:
8.8” Wide:
8.8” Wide:
10” LCD:
10” LCD:
12.3” Wide:
12.3” Wide:
12.6” Wide:
12.6” Wide: (required power adapter)

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