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Pairing Software for Wireless Keyboards/Mice

At almost every office I visit I will find discarded or unused wireless mice and keyboards because of missing or damaged receivers. It’s not rare for me to collect anywhere between 20 to 80 of these devices every year. This happens because most users don’t know or just won’t bother searching for a new receiver. Or, like Logitech has done with some of their devices, they have changed the receiver from one technology (Unifying) to being paired with only one device. We must encourage companies that ship out these types of products, which can only be paired to one receiver or dongle, to produce more receivers that work like Bluetooth which can be paired with any device. Lack of action on their part will lead to many of these devices ending up in landfills.

Tip: In order to avoid this problem, consider purchasing Bluetooth Mice and Keyboards

Before you throw your device away because you lost the receiver or Dongle, contact support. Companies like Logitech, Microsoft and Dell do have utilities that can help you pair these devices with a new receiver you may find online for just $10 or even $15. Logitech for example has the Unifying Software as well as their Re-Connect Software for older Devices:

With the Unifying software for example, you can take the following steps:
1) Purchase or find another receiver – The Unifying Logo should be on it (but always verify as some devices may not have it)
2) Plug the receiver into computer and run the software – If compatible, the software will detect the receiver and show you a list of devices paired to it
3) Selected the current mouse and keyboard that were paired and remove them
4) Select Pair New Device and follow the instructions

Dell offers their Universal Receiver Control Panel:

For other companies, make sure to contact their Support. There is no guarantee that you will get what you need, but from experience I have managed to restore dozens of Wireless Mice and Keyboards by just re-pairing, re-configuring, or purchasing a new receiver on eBay or Amazon. Don’t give up!

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