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PoE Detector, Tester and Troubleshooting Tool

As a Technician, Network/Systems Administrator or Engineer, the ability to use tools can be the difference between a few seconds of work and a massive headache. Considering that in 2023 a significant amount of devices are now available in PoE, such as lighting, Access Points, VoIP Phones, Antennas, Network Switches and more, having a device that can quickly verify the PoE connection helps with detection and troubleshooting.

For example, a Tech may tell you he left a PoE connection for the access point you will be installing, and unfortunately he did not realize you will be using a device that requires 48V instead of 24V. With this low cost and easy to use tool, within seconds you can isolate problems and also detect what PoE Standards (IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, etc.) you are working with.

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