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Citation Mustang G1000 Trainer

As the Director for the Flight Simulator Program at the Florida Flight Center, there are certain tools Pilots will ask for that can assist them in their training. A simple Desktop training software for the Garmin G1000 in the Cessna Citation Mustang can get you familiarized with many features. I have performed this setup for many student pilots and all it requires is the Desktop Trainer software and a Windows PC.

You can use these Trainers to practice or get familiarized with:

  • Fuel and Weight Balance
  • Flight Director Operations
  • Automatic Flight Control System operations (GFC 710)
  • Vertical Navigation (VNAV)
  • Failures Simulation
  • Flight Planning
  • Interface Familiarization (AHRS, Audio Panel, GPS, PFD, MFD, Trend vectors, etc)
  • Steep turns practice
  • GPS Navigation
  • VOR Navigation
  • Precision and Non-Precision Approaches

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