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List of Tools used in Cybersecurity

Here is a very useful list of many tools used in Cybersecurity. These tools range from standalone software, to a complete suite or applications to protect an entire organization.

BeenVerified – Easy access to searching public information

BuiltWith – Shows you a list of applications or services used to build a website

Censys – Search engine dedicated to finding potentially exposed devices to the Internet

CheckUserNames – Verify the availability of usernames in many platforms (facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc)

Creepy – Geolocation tool for OSINT

Exiftool – Advanced tool for viewing and editing the Metadata of many files and extensions

Fierce – Tools used to locate “potential” devices inside a Network through the Internet

Foca – Another tool to find hidden information and metadata inside files

Google Dorks – Search engine for finding security holes; used to search information not typically available to the public, but which has not been protected

HaveIBeenPwned – Helps you check if your email has been leaked in hacked databases

IVRE – Combines many tools to collect detailed information about a Network; also includes reporting tools to analyze the information

Jigsaw – Helps protect all aspects of a corporation (DNS, Users, devices, etc)

Maltego – Also focuses on increasing the security of an entire organization

Metagoofil – Powerful OSINT tool used for reconaissance and viewing metadata for public documents

Nmap – Helps you view a detailed map of your network including computers, services, applications, etc

OpenVAS – A very good network scanner with over 80,000 vulnerability tests

OSINT Framework – Focuses on collecting information from free tools and resources

Recon-Ng – Complete platform with web interface and reconnaissance framework

Shodan – Search engine for devices or Internet of Things (IoT)

SpiderFoot – Allows you to create automated tasks for OSINT

Spyse – Known as a Cybersecurity Search Engine

theHarvester – Collects a lot of useful information about a Network; used by penetration testers

Unicornscan – Helps investigate response times on Devices using TCP/IP

WebShag – Multi platform audit tool; can be used to scan Web servers (HTTP/HTTPS/proxy)

ZoomEye – Another search engine for hackers; China’s world-renowned cyberspace search engine