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Energy Usage Research on IoT and other Electronic Devices


Although there are many articles and published papers on energy consumption related to computer equipment and electronic devices, it’s almost impossible to find detailed or exact energy usage profiles based on environment, type of use and specifications. Here, you will find both: actual measurements (not averages or estimates) and also the specifications of the devices, which can help with comparison and identification.

Why these measurements are Useful and Important

For IT / Engineers – They can assist with Wattage or energy calculations for complex or basic systems, where battery backups (UPS), heat dissipation / cooling, and purchasing considerations can be made by using the observed energy profiles.
Off-The-Grid Enthusiasts For those who love to play around with Generators, Inverters, Solar panels and batteries. Knowing the energy consumption will help you with calculations.
Homeowners – Learn and understand what your devices are doing and how it will affect your power bill. In the energy profiles for desktop computers page, you can clearly see how some devices that are off use quite a bit of energy. Also, a computer infected with a Virus will use almost 2.5 times as much energy when the CPU runs at 100%.
Environmentalists – Being conscious about how we use our devices and making small adjustments to our behaviors, such as the electronics we buy, how we use them, how we maintain them, or being aware of the different technologies that are environmentally friendly and have low energy usage, can have a great impact on the environment.

Please note: More devices are added monthly, so please make sure to keep tuning in.


  • Testing Procedures:
    The device was powered on and allowed operate normally. A power measurement was then taken. An average may be used if the energy consumption was not consistent.

ModeliPhone 14 Pro Max (MQ8X3LL/A)
Power reading (Watts)Charger: Apple USB-C A1720
Charging – Idle and Always-On Enabled:
10% – 19.79 W
44% – 19.73 W
58% – 19.82 W
63% – 19.79 W
80% – 9.96 W
83% – 9.50 W
87% – 8.84 W
88% – 8.66 W
93% – 5.96 W
95% – 4.06 W
97% – 3.09 W
98% – 2.44 W
100% – 1.04 W

ModelAmazon Echo L4S3RE
TypeEcho (4th Gen) With premium sound
Power reading (Watts)Idle: 1.52 W
Playing Music (Full Volume): 10 W
Playing Music (50% Volume) 5 W

ModelAmazon Smart Plug – C2YY37
TypeSmart socket / power plug
Power reading (Watts)Idle: 0.45 W – Drops to 0 W after 1 min
On with no devices plugged in: 0.95 W

ModelWoostar Wifi Smart socket W-US001
TypeSmart socket / power plug
Power reading (Watts)Idle: 0 W
On with no devices plugged in: 0.90 W

ModelSamsung Galaxy TAB A – SM-T550
Power reading (Watts)Charging:
90% – 7.04 W
92% – 5.55 W
94% – 4.26 W
95% – 3.68 W
96% – 3.25 W
97% – 2.35 W
98% – 2.23 W
100% – 2.03 W

TypeDVD Player
Power reading (Watts)6 W

ModelZyxel NSA320S 2 Drives RAID 1 Configuration
TypeNAS Drive
Power reading (Watts)19 W

ModelWestern Digital 7200 RPM SATA Drive
TypeRegular SATA Drive connected to USB Adapter
Power reading (Watts)Spinning up: 19 W
Idle: 6 W
Writing a large file to drive: 6 W

ModelSynology DS115j with 6TB drive
TypeNAS Drive
Power reading (Watts)Idle: 10 W
Writing: 12.83 W
Off: 0.19 W

ModelVinpower Digital
TypeDVD Duplicator 1 to 10
Power reading (Watts)Idle: 30 W
Copying: 63 W

ProjectorSahara AV-3618
TypeDLP Projector
Power reading (Watts)207 W

ProjectorToshiba TDP-P9
TypeDLP Projector
Power reading (Watts)190 W

ModelDremel Multipro 275
TypeHand Tool, 35,000 RPM
Power reading (Watts)76 W

ModelA1254 Apple Time Capsule
Type500 GB
Power reading (Watts)14 W

ModelXbox 360 20 GB Premium
TypeGaming Console
Power reading (Watts)Off: 3 W

On: 138 W

ModelPolycom Soundstation IP 4000
TypeSIP Conference Phone
Power reading (Watts)7 W

ModelPolycom IP 335
TypeVoIP Phone
Power reading (Watts)3 W

ModelSNOM 360
TypeTeléfono VoIP
Power reading (Watts)4 W

ModelAastra 6730i
TypeVoIP Phone
Power reading (Watts)5 W

ModelAastra 6731i
TypeVoIP Phone
Power reading (Watts)4 W

ModelAastra 57i CT
TypeVoIP Phone
Power reading (Watts)4 W

ModelAastra 51i
TypeVoIP Phone
Power reading (Watts)3 W

ModelBlackberry Storm 2
Power reading (Watts)Charging:
On, 20% charge: 7 W
On, 99% charge: 3 W

ModelSamsung Galaxy S10e
Power reading (Watts)Fast charging:
33% – 17.45 W
60% – 13.22 W
89% – 6.76 W
96% – 3.26 W
100% – 2.83 W

ModelSamsung Galaxy S6
Power reading (Watts)Charging:
16% – 10 W
61% – 8 W
79% – 7 W
85% – 4 W
89% – 3 W
92% – 2 W
100% – 2 W

ModelSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1″
Power reading (Watts)Charging:
21% – 10 W
22% – 10 W
42% – 10 W
100% – 5 W

ModelDKnight Magicbox II
TypeBluetooth Speaker
Power reading (Watts)Charging: 7 W

ModelScientific Atlanta DPC2203C
TypeCable modem with EMTA
Power reading (Watts)5 W

ModelAmcrest NV4116E-HS and 7 IP2M-851EW
TypeNVR with Hard Drive and 7 PoE Cameras
Power reading (Watts)39.46 W

ModelAmcrest IP2M-843EB
TypeIP Camera
Power reading (Watts)2 W

ModelAmcrest IP2M-842EB
TypeIP Camera
Power reading (Watts)3 W

ModelAmcrest IP2M-851EW
TypeIP Camera
Power reading (Watts)3 W

ModelAmcrest IP4M-1028W
TypeIP Camera
Power reading (Watts)
IR LEDs On: 3.6 W
IR LEDs Off: 3.4 W

ModelAmcrest NV2104E with 2TB SATA
Power reading (Watts)9 W

ModelAmcrest NV4108E-HS 4K 4TB Drive
Power reading (Watts)10.86 W

ModelLifeSize Express
TypeVideoconferencing system
Power reading (Watts)39 W

ModelPlantronics CS55 Wireless Hands-Free Headset System
Power reading (Watts)2 W

ModelAPC Back-UPS XS Series BX1500LCD
TypeUPS, Battery Backup 1500VA/865 Watt
Power reading (Watts)On, 75% charge: 39 W

ModelAPC BE350G
TypeUPS, Battery Backup 350 VA, 200 Watts
Power reading (Watts)Charging: 8 W

ModelAPC BX1500M
TypeUPS, Battery Backup 1500 VA, 900 Watts
Power reading (Watts)Off 100% Charge: 5.56 W
On 100% Charge: 7.90 W

ModelAPC BR1500LCD 1500VA
TypeUPS, Battery Backup 1500 VA, 865 Watts
Power reading (Watts)Charging: 12 W

ModelAPC BE450G
TypeUPS, Battery Backup 450 VA, 257 Watts
Power reading (Watts)Charging: 8 W

ModelAPC Back-UPS BE600M1
TypeUPS, Battery Backup 600 VA, 330 Watts
Power reading (Watts)Off 100% Charge: 0.48 W
On 100% Charge: 4.26 W

ModelSony Playstation 2
Power reading (Watts)33 W

ModelBrother P-touch PT-D200 Label Maker
TypeLabel Maker
Power reading (Watts)3 W

ModelArris TM502G
TypeTouchstone Telephony Modem
Power reading (Watts)5 W

ModelAudio Codecs M800-ALG-24, Mediant 800
TypeSession Border Controller
Power reading (Watts)16 W

ModelDirectUPS DP1000
TypeUPS, 100 VA 600 Watts
Power reading (Watts)Charging
50%: 17 W
100%: 4 W

ModelDirectUPS DP400
TypeUPS, 400 VA 200 Watts
Power reading (Watts)Charging: 3-5 W

ModelSamsung CLX-3160FN
TypeColor Laser Multifunction Printer
Power reading (Watts)– Idle: 15 W

– Scanning, flatbed: 22 W- Scanning, autofeed: 34 W

– Printing, Average: 869 W

ModelHP Color LaserJet 1500L
TypeColor Laser
Power reading (Watts)– Off: 1 W

– Idle: 17 W

– Printing, Average: 300 W

ModelHP Color LaserJet 1022
TypeLaser Printer
Power reading (Watts)– Idle: 3 W

– Printing, Average: 390 W

ModelHP Deskjet 5650
TypeInkjet printer
Power reading (Watts)– Off: 1 W

– Idle: 2 W

– Printing: 9-10 W

TypeIDE Hard Drive Enclosure with WD400 40GB Drive
Power reading (Watts)– Idle: 7 W

– Writing to drive: 9 W

ModelRosewill RX35-AT-SU with Seagate ST3200822AS
TypeHard drive USB enclosure
Power reading (Watts)– Idle: 10 W

ModelAntec (Taken from Antec Nine Hundred case)
Type120 MM
Power reading (Watts)3 W

ModelDelta EFB0912HHE
Type90 MM
Medida (Vatios o Watts)11 W

ModelAntec (Taken from Antec Nine Hundred case)
Type200 MM
Power reading (Watts)4 W

ModelScythe NU350PS-OTP
TypeExternal Enclosure, 250 GB IDE Drive
Power reading (Watts)8 W

ModeHP OfficeJet L7580
TypePrinter, fax, copier, scanner (auto feeder, flatbed)
Power reading (Watts)– Off: 7 W

– Idle: 12 W

– Scanning: 15 W

– Printing: 35 W

ModelLexmark X6170
TypePrinter, fax, copier, scanner (auto feeder, flatbed)
Power reading (Watts)– Off: 7 W

– Idle: 13 W

– Scanning: 15 W

– Printing: 24 W

ModelLG STA-P51WS (Charging LG White Chocolate VX8500)
Power reading (Watts)– Idle: 0 W

– Charging: 2 W

ModelA1241 iPhone 3G
Power reading (Watts)– Charging: 5 W

ModelDurabrand HT-3917
Type5.1 Home Theater Speaker System
Power reading (Watts)9 W

ModelRCA DRC257N
TypeDVD Player
Power reading (Watts)– Off: 7 W
– Playing DVD: 10 W

ModelSansui VRDVD4001
TypeDVD Player / VCR Combo
Power reading (Watts)– Off: 1 W
– Playing DVD: 12 W
– Playing VHS: 11 W

ModelMotorola QIP 2500-2
TypeVerizon FIOS Cable Box
Power reading (Watts)– Off or Standby: 14 W
– On: 14 W 

ModelMotorola ARRIS Surfboard SBG6580
TypeSpectrum Modem
Power reading (Watts)– On: 9 W 

ModelArris DG1670A Touchstone
Power reading (Watts)– On: 13 W

ModelWestern Digital WD1600B015 – RNN
TypeExternal USB Hard Drive
Power reading (Watts)– On: 8 W