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Native American Exhibit

In 2010 I had been volunteering for a new Charity that was working on a television show for children. As artists, they decided to volunteer for the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, and design the environment for the Native American Exhibit.

There is only so much information that you can present to the public in written format. So I was brought in to setup multiple monitors which would be playing real video footage of the Native American’s daily activities.

Although it is very easy to install a video card with multiple outputs to several monitors, the challenge came from other requirements:

  • Low budget; two computers with a total of 4 video outputs (4 monitors)
  • Each video had sound as well as a narration; this had to be played to the public
  • Some of the monitors were going to be 25-50ft apart; the exhibit was given a large room and these had to be spread out
  • No internet connection was available at that location
Initial testing of exhibit PCs

I assembled computers very specific to this project. Each PC was prepared with several video and sound cards. Certain applications were used to play multiple videos using the different sound cards. The monitors were very specific as well; they needed to present a nice image to the public, but they would also serve as the speaker output for the video being played on that particular monitor.

In more crowded areas other types of speakers were hidden for sound
Completed section

The Exhibit was a success. Children as well as adults enjoyed walking through the carefully decorated environment and playing with the props as well as listening in, and learning about the Native American style of life.