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How to Quickly Test Electrical Devices

This video shows you how to create a fully portable, easy-to-remove Tool which you can use to test devices such as light fixtures, outlets, switches, LEDs, Fans, and many more devices. This will also allow you to connect any of these devices to a power meter, so you can analyze its power usage / energy consumption.

⚠️☠⚡️CAUTION: If you are not comfortable or experienced working with dangerous live circuits, please consult a professional electrician instead and do not attempt the instructions in the video yourself. Also, please make sure all cables and items have no physical damage, and make sure to follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer of any items you purchase.


• 3 Prong Power Cord:
• Option 2: 3 Prong Nylon Braided Power Cord:
• 2 Prong Power Cord:
• Option 2: Nylon Braided 2 Prong Power Cord:
• Wago Connectors 75 Pieces:
• Wago Connectors 75 Pieces:
• Wago Connectors 90 Pieces:
• Wire Strippers:
• Self Adjusting Wire Crimpers:
• Poniie PN2000 Power Meter:
• Kill-A-Watt Power Meter:

Optional Items

• Outlet with Adjustable LED Nightlight:
• 60W PD USB/USB-C Charging Outlet:
• Recessed LED Light:
• Recessed Gimbal LED Light:
• Amazon Smart Dimmer:
• 60W LED Office/Workshop Light: