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Touch Sensors for Flight Simulator, prepar3d and X-Plane

This video demonstrates how Touch Sensors can also be used to create a fun and different way to perform actions in the simulator just as you would by using a Push Button or Toggle Switch. The TTP223 Touch Sensor Module offers several configurations and the option to add LEDs, which can be used as status or indicator lights. These modules can be wired to any type of Interface card you use with your simulator, such as the Arduino Mega 2560, Leo Bodnar BBI-32 or any generic USB HID or Encoder Card. The Module provides several things that we can use in flight simulation:

  1. Ability to add LEDs: This is very useful if you would like to know when the switch is enabled or disabled and helps you quickly identify actions in the simulator. The TTP223 module conveniently uses 5 Vdc and can be powered through your Interface card which usually uses USB power, or it can also be powered through an external power supply. The VCC pin provides 5 Vdc out which can be used to send a digital signal and also power up a 5V LED.
  2. Ability to be used as a Momentary Switch: Momentary switches on Aircraft include push buttons and similar electronics which you can find all around the cockpit. An example would be the Direct-To button on the Avionics, the Autopilot Master on a flight panel, or the TOGA button on a throttle quadrant. They are used to quickly engage/disengage or send an action to the plane or simulator.
  3. Ability to be used as a Toggle Switch / Latching: These include functions such as turning the pitot heat on or the landing lights. When we turn these on, we want them to remain on until we turn them off.
  4. Can be used with other Electronic devices: We can connect these modules to other electronics such as LEDS, relays and transistors to create more complex circuits and projects.

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