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Server Room heating problems

I don’t usually implement certain types of solutions, but sometimes it’s a request by a client that cannot be denied. Two companies housed over 15 Servers in a small room which did have central AC as well as a mini-split unit, yet the temperature was still a bit high. I immediately analyzed the room and prepared a few solutions.

Please be careful when implementing custom solutions; it’s very important to fully understand the environment you are working in.

I noticed most of the hot air was accumulating in the ceiling tiles behind the Server rack, and then it was circulated back into the room. I came up with the idea of adding a few exhaust ceiling fans to the ceiling tiles to remove this accumulated hot air from inside the room. High RPM 200 MM Case fans worked just fine. These can be plugged into any 12V power adapter, use very little electricity and barely add any heat into the equation.

It worked. The average temperature inside the room was brought down by 9-11 degrees Fahrenheit. I installed Smart Thermometers to confirm the temperature drops, receive monthly reports, and also receive alerts if the temperatures spike. The LEDs also gave it a nice touch and double up as “night lights”.