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Flight Simulator Training

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One-On-One and Group Classes

From the basics of flying, to advanced wiring, cockpit building and computer optimization, here is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy your Flight Simulator experience to the maximum. Having worked with over 20 Airplanes, many Avionics Packages, Flight Simulators of every level, gaming computer assembly, cockpit building, flight simulator gear and much more, nothing is more enjoyable than sharing my knowledge and helping you benefit from your setup. These services are available through Zoom as well as in person. If you are looking for Flight Training in Jets, Turboprop or Piston Engine aircraft, please visit my Flight Training page. For a more detailed list of my Aviation experience, please see my Curriculum Vitae.

How it works

  1. Contact me with a good, detailed description of your Goals:
    – Plans for your setup, budget, ideas…
    – What would you like to learn or improve on?
    – Are you seeking a solution for a problem?
    – Don’t forget contact information; Email/Phone, preferred method of contact
  2. I will contact you to get more information and better understand your requests
  3. I will then develop a very flexible and custom service just for you
  4. I will the Contact you again with with a plan and price
Cj2+ Full Motion Simulator

Basic & Advanced

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