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SSL Error 61: You have not chosen to trust Entrust Root Certification Authority

This particular error: SSL Error 61: You have not chosen to trust Entrust Root Certification Authority is related directly to the Citrix Workspace app. In this case I was troubleshooting a remote connection to a medical facility that uses CernerWorks / PowerChart, in order to view MRI Scans. Even though some SSL Certificates on the […]

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Pairing Software for Wireless Keyboards/Mice

At almost every office I visit I will find discarded or unused wireless mice and keyboards because of missing or damaged receivers. It’s not rare for me to collect anywhere between 20 to 80 of these devices every year. This happens because most users don’t know or just won’t bother searching for a new receiver. […]

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Garmin Aviation PC Trainers – Blank or Black Screen

Garmin’s Aviation PC Trainers are very useful for Avionics familiarization and training. They are available for many Aircraft including single engine, multi-engine, Turbroprops and Jets. Although I have been informed they are working on newer versions of these trainers, many aircraft owners have CDs with older versions which can be buggy. In Flight Simulators, such […]

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How to Quickly Test Electrical Devices

This video shows you how to create a fully portable, easy-to-remove Tool which you can use to test devices such as light fixtures, outlets, switches, LEDs, Fans, and many more devices. This will also allow you to connect any of these devices to a power meter, so you can analyze its power usage / energy […]

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How to create your own Backup Internet (Failover)

If you lose Internet at home or at the office due to an outage or hardware failure (such as your modem’s ports no longer working), you can resume some operations on your Smart Phone using 3G, 4G, LTE or 5G. But what if you have certain devices at home that critically need a physical network […]

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Lower Runtime problem on APC Back-UPS Series

A common problem with the APC Smart UPS series of battery backups (UPS) is a lower Runtime after a battery replacement. For the Smart-UPS, an application known as APCFix was created that helps reset the battery constant. For the Back-UPS, there is a method, but it is not well documented in the forums or easily […]

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Samsung UN55NU710DF Smart TV will not power on

I have fixed quite a few TVs with repair parts such as diodes, capacitors, and data cables found on eBay for less than $5. Most newer TVs have a few boards connected to an LCD, and it’s usually one of these boards that fails. My latest successful fix was a Samsung UN55NU710DFXZA Smart TV that […]

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Where to purchase a CyberPower SE425G CPS3.6-12 Battery

The CyberPower SE425G UPS Battery Backup is a very reliable, affordable, and good quality product. The only problem: It’s weird, non-standard Battery size which has become a problem to purchase. It’s very difficult to find a reliable source even on eBay or Amazon. The UPS comes with a VRLA Rechargeable Battery from B.B. Battery, model […]

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Why are Flight Simulators and their components expensive?

This video focuses on explaining how Flight Simulators can be so expensive, and does so by dissecting simulator gear and going over pricing for the basic components. When analyzing several components, we start with products from Logitech, such as the Pro Flight Switch Panel. These pre-built components are very popular and are usually the first […]

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Energy Usage Research on Computer Power Supplies

Although there are many articles and published papers on energy consumption related to computer equipment, it’s almost impossible to find detailed specifications of this equipment. Here, you will find both: actual measurements (not averages or estimates) and also the specifications of the devices, which can help with comparison and identification. Please note: More devices are […]

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